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Viewpoint: Time to end 'summer melt' (USA Today College)

For every four freshmen students that show up to the first day of classes, one student could be missing — a phenomenon known as "summer melt."

Skill: data-driven writing           Industry: higher education


New Prototyping Technologies for Appliance Manufacturing

Multiple new developments in prototyping technologies have made metal a viable and even preferable material for prototyping for appliance manufacturing.

Skill: technical writing           Industry: manufacturing


Why Everything You Know About Brainstorming is Wrong

Your brainstorming session can be undermined by three psychological principles. Learn how to avoid them and lead a truly successful brainstorm.

Skill: blog writing           Industry: marketing


From the Service to School: Veterans and the MBA Transition

In this feature story, six veterans share their experiences about leaving the military and rejoining civilian life through business school.

Skill: feature writing, interviews           Industry: higher education


The College “Weed-Out” Approach Stifles Students’ Intellectual Curiosity (Huffington Post)

Universities’ all-or-nothing approach toward many subjects harms students who only have a beginner’s interest in those areas.

Skill: opinion writing           Industry: news


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Interactive Maps

Hover and click on this series of interactive maps that show where Vanderbilt Business alumni live across the nation.

Chris Morrow (MBA’18) explains how he leveraged his Xbox internship into a full-time job at Amazon as a Senior Product Manager - Technical.

Over winter break, Vanderbilt Business students visited 11 tech companies - including Amazon, Google, and Facebook - in San Francisco and Seattle to learn more about jobs in the technology sector.

After a $4.4 million renovation, the Walker Management Library at Vanderbilt Business re-opened its doors on August 21. Take a virtual tour.

At the annual Marketing Madness event, students created promotional booths for major brands including Mars, Hanes, Mattel, and more.